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Quai du Commerce 7
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4dec                12:00—18:00
11dec                12:00—18:00

18dec               12:00—18:00


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Editions by Brussels based artists (gift picture: "Une Scène à Deux" (2022) by Ann Veronica Janssens and Michel François. Inkjet photograph on dibond & estriado glass panel. This edition consists of a two-sided 43,7 × 23,7 cm photograph on dibond and 60x 60 cm glass panel. Edition of 15 copies, signed and numbered by the artists on certificate. About this work: In the context of their joint publication with Zolo Press, Ann Veronica Janssens & Michel Francois collaborated on a series of fifteen reconfigurable wall works. Une Scène à Deux attests to the layered resonances between Ann Veronica Janssens’ sculptural and Michel François’ photographic practice. Janssens occludes François’ two-sided aluminium print with striated glass, distorting the image at every angle and making impossible its veridical apprehension. Une Scène à Deux is composed of two parts: a two-sided photograph by Michel François, and an estriado glass panel by Ann Veronica. One side of Michel François’ print is a colour photograph, while the other side is in black & white. Ann Veronica Janssens’ glass panel can be placed vertically or horizontally, altering Michel François’ photograph(s) in different ways. Like this, the edition can be shown in four different configurations.