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‘The art of giving’ is a collab with the internationally renowned Brussels street artist Vince ‘Vexx’ Okerman (23). Already a famous Youtuber as a teenager, he reaches 3 million followers with his colourful doodle art. Today, Vexx is engaging in top-notch art collaborations with Gucci and Porsche, his digital artwork ‘Metadragon’ appeared on a billboard on Time Square New York and he is one of the rising stars in the NFT art scene.

All profits pf the Vexx pins and chocolate will be donated to Globe Aroma, an artistic work and meeting place in the Dansaert neighbourhood that offers space, time and a network to atists, co-creators and art lovers with a background as a newcomer. Globe Aroma supports people who, due to their precarious citizenship status, often experience specific challenges in accessing the arts scene and developing artistic activities.


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